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At National Home Improvements, we have the experience and expertise to provide the following home remodeling and renovation services to Middlesex County, NJ residents:

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National Home Improvements are the best home renovation contractor in Middlesex County. We are the real professionals in the internal remodeling such as bathroom and kitchen projects. We are also specialists in external remodeling such as window, siding, as well as roofing. We will help you to improve the value of your building by beautifying it, thereby making it look new.

At National Home Improvement, we employ first class remodelers who have all the knowledge to facilitate all your projects. We get you involved in all stages of renovation, updating you on job status, change orders, as well as payment processes; all these would guide you in making any changes if you desire.

We are the proud providers of the following home improvement services at Middlesex County:

  • Gutter replacement and repair as well as roofing
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Window replacement
  • Siding installation
  • As well as bathroom remodeling

As you can see from above the home improvement services we provide to Middlesex County includes window replacement, kitchen remodeling, and roofing, bathroom remodeling and siding. We concentrate ourselves with five aspects of home renovation services instead of doing everything. We have more than 30-year experiences as a home improvement contractor in Middlesex and we bring that years of knowledge of any new project we do.

Kitchen Renovation Projects

The first home improvement project Middlesex County residents embark on is the renovation of their kitchen. The reasons for this are simple, the first being that the kitchen is the center of the home where many activities take place. We spend a substantial amount of time preparing, cooking, gathering, and even preparing the kids for their school at the kitchen area. Sometimes we entertain our friends and families in the kitchen. This means that it is very important to the residents.

Homeowners would want their kitchen to look precious and comfortable. Kitchen space has to be such that it would be very conducive to our everyday existence.

Kitchen renovation entails many things and requires important decisions to be taken. Though several jobs are involved, the most basic include installing new appliances, resurfacing some areas like the kitchen cabinets, as well as the countertop. Advanced innovative project could see major changes in the kitchen areas, which include provision of more spaces and adjusting the kitchen layout among others. These are not simple projects and Middlesex County residents always look for quality kitchen contractors that would design and create a new floor plan for their kitchen. We are the experts in these areas, as we have a lot to offer, which would ensure the transformation of your kitchen.

If you want to start over with your kitchen, you are free to contact us. Even if you have a question to ask, you call us, we would be very happy to provide answers to your queries. We will give you quotes for home improvement job in Middlesex County.

Bathroom remodeling has been on the increase in Middlesex County. This could be attributed to a few factors, while there are few people who are moving into the county and would want a remodeling, many residents in the county would want an improvement in their existing bathroom by undertaking a comprehensive remodeling service. Dwellers would want a remodeling service that could serve them for a number of years. Bathrooms are more important than we envisaged as we spend a considerable amount of time there. Apart from that, it increases the value of your home should you decide to sell it after remodeling.

Bathroom remodeling services we offer to Middlesex County clients include:

  • Showers and tubs
  • Backsplash work and tile
  • Spa bathrooms
  • Fixtures and lighting
  • Powder rooms
  • Master suites

We are always at your service when you require any of these renovation jobs. We would help you with lots of options, especially on budgeting and taking vital decisions. We have many photos to share with you, which you can compare and make a choice.

Roofing and Siding Contractor Services

If you desire the best roofing contractor in the Middlesex County, we are the right people for that. We have been serving the community for these thirty years. Whether you want a new or repair work in the Middlesex, National has the requisite experience to give you the best roof and advice. Our professional advice would assist you in making an informed decision about your home.

Home roof is the most essential part of your residence and the most important asset anybody can have. Your roof does a number of things for you. Apart from adequate protection it offers you, it protects the roof from dangerous storms and hazardous weather. You need expert roofers to restore it when it is old or leaks water.

For your maximum protection, it is important that your roof should be the best shape. We can help you ensure that by carrying out periodic inspection on your roof. The inspection would ensure that your home is always in a perfect shape and provide you the desired protection.

Hire Middlesex Roofing experts for the Job

You are likely to meet contractors who would promise to do many things for you. You should choose wisely because not all the general contractors would deliver on their promise. Most of them do not use quality professionals in doing the job. Moreover, they use substandard roofing materials. It is better to hire professional contractors that have the required experience and solve your problem.

Over the years, we have undertaken thousands of replacement projects in Middlesex County. As trusted experts we do not just provide the most professional service, we use the best roof materials available in the industry for your project. We carry out the project as quoted and do that on time.

A New Roof could add value to your Home

New roof does not just offer protection to your home; it adds values to it as well. If you are planning to sell the roof in the future, you can get more money when you put a new roof. It is a good asset because potential buyers would price it appropriately. It would stand out your home among other homes within the locality. No homebuyer would like to spend a huge amount of money to purchase a home, only to spend another huge amount to replace the roof. This is why it is advisable to choose a good contractor to do the job for you.

Moreover, having a new roof over your building would beautify it. Irrespective of the part of the county you dwell, we offer first class roofing services to you using the most recent roofing materials. We ensure that your home would become the envy of people within your neighborhood.

Roofing Types in Middlesex County

It obvious that different people have different roofing styles in not only the Middlesex County, but also the state as a whole. We have experience in providing various forms of roofing styles in the Middlesex. We carryout repair services using various roofing materials like:

  • Rubber roofs
  • Cedar shake roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Clay roofs
  • Asphalt shingles

We ensure the use of the best quality roofing materials

We clearly understand the value of your home. It is meant to be a lifetime investment, which should last for many years, we bear this at the back of our mind while engaging our services. We always meet the changing roofing challenges because we update our knowledge about the changing roofing situation in the country. For this, we use the best roof product that is available in the industry for your various roofing projects.

  • Tamko roofing
  • IKo Roofing
  • Owens Corning Roofing
  • GAF/ELK Roofing

These are among the best roofing product manufacturers and we always use their products. However, if you have any other preference apart from these, we can use it for you. Call us today if you have any query and we will guide you to the right path.

Further roofing services, which we provide to our clients are as follows:

  • Commercial roof repair service
  • Emergency roofing and repair service
  • Flat roof repair
  • Residential roof repair
  • Leak repair service
  • Leak assessment as well as
  • Emergency snow removal and so on

How to engage the services of the Home Improvement Company in Middlesex County

Home improvement would entail a lot of investment and that is why it is necessary that you use the best improvement company for such services. It is good to hire a reliable and a trusted local contractor for such services. You must ensure that the people you are hiring are good for the project. The contractor should do the work on budget and according to specifications.

There are different ways to go about it, but you have to start the search from the internet. Visit many websites, read testimonials and reviews. It is important that you browse through photo sites like Houzz and others. These would guide you in getting what various companies could offer.

Furthermore, it would be good if you reach out to at least three companies and get to know what they are up to. You should avoid any company that is not ready to spend time with you on the phone to discuss their services.

Invite companies to your home to get the first hand information of what they are going to do for you. Consider whether they have the idea or the skill to transform your bathroom and kitchen.

Get a written proposal from companies and compare them. This would help you in making a choice. While doing the comparison it is not advisable to stick to the least price. You should have regard for values and not price. Choose a contractor that would add value to your home.

While doing those evaluations here are some important factors you should bear at the back of your mind:

  • Provide evidence of being a Middlesex county licensed contractor
  • Provide worker’s compensation plan as well as liability insurance
  • A written proposal and contract, which must include the payment schedule
  • Various financing options for the project
  • A detailed warranties copy and work proposed to be done
  • Some samples of local references from clients whom you can contact to investigate

These are the most basic things you need to proof if a contractor is worth it or not. Any amount of time you spend doing your homework is not wasted, as it would help to make a decision. It is not good that some people avoid finding out important details about contractors and that often leads to failed projects.

Middlesex County Remodeling Pros – Local Areas We Serve

We have a strong presence in Central New Jersey, including the Middlesex County local areas of: Cartaret, Cranbury, Dunellen, East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Highland Park, Jamesburg, Metuchen, Middlesex, Milltown, Monroe, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Piscataway, Plainsboro, Sayreville, South Amboy, South Brunswick, South Plainfield, South River, Spotswood, and Woodbridge.


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